Dental implants.

Dental implants

Implantology is the youngest but on the other side one of the most progressing branches of dentistry. Implants are artificial compensation made of titanium, which replace the missing tooth root and is based on osseointegration of titanium with bone. The very process of implant treatment is painless and short.

After the intervention, the patient can continue with its daily routine without any problems. Dental implants have become increasingly common method of choice to replace lost teeth because they act as natural teeth. Modern dentistry with the help of implants offers a solution to compensate for a tooth and the entire dental arch, avoiding grinding neighboring often intact teeth and thus the chance to get a fixed prosthesis that will provide feeling closest to your natural teeth.

It is very well known what hassle is making a carrying full and partial dentures. Incorporating mini titanium implants enable the stabilization and retention of your dentures and so enable you to forget about the fallout and torment with dentures.


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Dental implants.

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