When it comes to prosthetics, it is necessary first of all to point out that it can be fixed or removable. Fixed and removable prosthodontics dealing with compensation for lost teeth and soft tissues of the mouth parts through dentures, crowns, bridges, etc. Fixed prosthetics denotes those elements that are permanently implanted in the jaw, and that cannot be removed.

Removable prosthetic is done in cases where fixed prosthetics is not possible, and refers to the elements that are not placed in jaw, but can be removed if necessary.

Fixed prosthetics metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, as well as nonmetal ceramics, enabling compensation of one or more missing teeth and completely seamlessly fitting of such compensation in the dental arch.

Nonmetal ceramics, thanks to its superior aesthetic and optical characteristics leads in the field of cosmetic dentistry and fixed prosthodontics. With it can be eliminated dark edge due to the presence of old metal ceramic crowns.

Removable prosthetic in cases where it is not possible to create a fixed prosthesis, prosthetic rehabilitation can be made with prostheses: total, partial prosthesis plate, skeletal (Visil - Vironit) prosthesis which can in certain cases (with attachments) to avoid visible hooks and thereby obtain superior aesthetic results.


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