Dentistry Dr Stajcic services.


  • NEW: Dental X-Ray / Orthopantomogram (a shot of all teeth)
  • The work with highly esthetic composite materials for making fillings ("white fillings") that allow extremely true copy of reconstruction of the shape and color of teeth
  • Whitening discolored teeth as well as complete dental arches (ZOOM lamp), removal of anomalies in natural color and enamel irregularities
  • Preventive interventions, control and maintenance of rehabilitated teeth and gingiva
  • Achieving a high level of oral hygiene removal of tartar and the removal of pigmentation of teeth by the abrasion technique with sodium hydrogen carbonate - AIR FLOW (e.g. nicotine stains)
  • Conservative treatment of root and periapical infections ("granulomas", "abscesses", etc.)
  • An upgrade to endodontically treated teeth using adhesive technique with carbon fibers posts (Carbonite POST), as well as composite fibers (COMPOSITE POST). Also, the upgrade can be placed immediately after completion of dental treatment as well as reconstruction of the tooth crown-so the patient leaves the office on the same day.
  • Preparation of complete dentures, relining dentures, partial dentures with a joint connections (attachment) which enable strong connection with metal-ceramic bridge, situated inside the prosthesis and thus do not affect the aesthetics of the work. Chance of lining the acrylic or ceramic teeth in to the braces.
  • Treatment of patients with problems of grinding teeth at night (bruxism), "eaten teeth" using a splint / bite splint
  • Making and installment of nonmetallic EMPRESS ceramic crowns, which allows us to achieve highly esthetic results on front teeth, as well as work with CERCON ceramic.
  • Tooth jewelry (zircon)
  • Oral surgery (extraction of deciduous and permanent teeth, residual roots, impacted teeth, apicoectomy, vestibuloplasty, sinus-lift)
  • Implantation (installment of ANKYLOS implant)


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